Terms of service

In our service, here we state,
Short-url.uk, your link's fate.
Terms of usage, clear and sound,
In this poetic text, they're found.

Prohibited links, we must confide,
No adult content, in this ride.
Phishing, scams, and casinos' game,
Pharma and pirates, we must declaim.

Viruses, no place, they're banned outright,
Awards with fees, not in our light.
Forms of fines and pages illegal,
In our service, they are not regal.

Forbidden traffic, let's be aware,
No spam or bots, we must declare.
Click under, too, it's not the way,
In Short-url.uk, we all must obey.

With Short-url.uk, we join the dance,
In a space where safety takes a stance.
Respect the rules, for links so grand,
In this digital land, let's all understand.